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Dry Aged AngusPure beef bone in ribeye – options single up to 6 bones – 600g to 3.7kg

$41.99$239.99 incl GST / each

AngusPure beef eye fillet (whole) – Fresh approx 1.7 – 1.8 kg

$148.99 incl GST /each

AngusPure Ribeye Whole approx 2kg

$133.99 incl GST /each

AngusPure Sirloin Whole approx 3kg

$154.99 incl GST /each

Dry Aged Steak Sampler (0 – 29 days)

$61.99$227.99 incl GST /each

The Mega Basics Meat Pack

$149.99 incl GST /each

Sausage and Steak Sampler

$149.99 incl GST /each

“Bring on the Beef” Bag

$67.99$257.99 incl GST /each

Gourmet Meals in a Flash

$97.99$189.99 incl GST /each

Slow Cook Heaven Bag

$149.99 incl GST /each

Family Bag

$134.99 incl GST /each

BBQ Sampler Bag

$129.99 incl GST /each

LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat) / Keto Bag

$149.99 incl GST /each

Well Hung Gift Cards

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