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Dry Aged AngusPure beef bone in ribeye – options single up to 6 bones – 600g to 3.7kg

$42.99$243.99 incl GST / each

Well Hung Sauces

$9.99$15.99 incl GST /each

The Four Saucemen – Rubs & Glazes

$14.99$21.99 incl GST /each

A Taste of France

$15.00$79.99 incl GST /each

Sausage and Steak Sampler

$149.99 incl GST /each

The Mega Basics Meat Pack

$149.99 incl GST /each

Winter Warmer – Low and Slow Box

$184.99 incl GST /each

“Dinner is Sorted” Ready Meals Sampler Box for 1 or 2

$49.95$89.95 incl GST / box

Pork Belly Plait

$25.99$51.99 incl GST /each

Bird & Barrow Chicken boneless Steaks (free range, antibiotic free) 550g

$17.50 incl GST /packet

Ready to Roast Veges

$9.99 incl GST /each

Powlaken Meat thermometer

$64.99 incl GST /each

Basics Bag

$99.99 incl GST /each

Family Size Ready Meals

$24.99$29.99 incl GST / each

Rum and Que – Rubs and Sauces

$12.99$16.99 incl GST /each

Well Hung Beef Jerky – 130g

$9.99 incl GST /each

Well Hung Biltong – 130g Chilli

$9.99 incl GST /each

Wagyu rib eye steak Marble Score 7 -9 Fresh – 250g

$49.99 incl GST /each

Bacon Hocks

$15.99 incl GST / each

AngusPure Beef Eye Fillet Mignon

$19.99 incl GST / each

Whitestone Cheeses

Individually priced

Sabatino Tarufi – Truffle Products

$22.99$34.99 incl GST /each

Chicken, Leek, Bacon & Potato Top Pie

$12.99$21.99 incl GST /each

Bolognese Mince, Cheese & Potato Top Pie (GF)

$10.50$17.99 incl GST /each