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Dry Aged AngusPure beef bone in ribeye – options single up to 6 bones in

$31.99$244.99 incl GST / each

An impressive piece of rib eye (scotch fillet) dry aged with the bone left in. Tender, succulent with a texture and flavour that is unbeatable.

We can dry age our AngusPure ribeye up to 100 days, to order in advance please phone to discuss

One Bone – Serves 1-2 people       500-550 grams
Two Bones – Serves 2-3 people     1 – 1.1 kg
Three Bones – Serves 3-5 people   1.5 – 1.6 kg
Six Bones – Serves 6-8 people       3 – 3.1 kg

(All weights are approx)

Any other sizes cut to order – please phone to discuss


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A bone in ribeye (scotch fillet) is one of the best cuts for grilling or barbecuing. Fat is where a lot of the distinctive flavour of beef comes from, making ribeye one of the richest, beefiest cut available. The central eye of meat tends to be smooth textured with a finer grain, this means a large, tender and well marbled meat with bold, melt in the mouth flavours.

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Bone In

Single, 2, 3, 6


Up to 29 days, 30 – 44 days, 45 – 59 days, 60 – 79 days, 80 – 100 days

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