Order NZ made Olive Oils, Rubs and Sauces

Order direct from our range of 100% NZ made artisan sauces, rubs and olive oils. Explore and find new favourites to make your bbq and everyday dishes sing with flavour, delivered straight to your door.

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Pepper & Me – Sauces & Pastes

$11.95$16.99 incl GST /each

Pepper & Me – Rubs & Salts

$7.95$14.95 incl GST /each

Jenny’s Kitchen Tamarind Chutney (300ml)

$14.99 incl GST /each

Mandy’s Horseradish

$19.99 incl GST /each

Heritage Preserves

$16.99 incl GST /each

Dog Town Mustards

$11.99 incl GST /each


$8.99$9.99 incl GST /each

Taylor Pass Honey

$14.99$26.00 incl GST /each

The Four Saucemen – Rubs & Glaze

$11.95$19.99 incl GST /each

Divinity Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

$9.95$29.95 incl GST /each

Sabatino Tarufi – Truffle Products

$22.99$34.99 incl GST /each

The Remarkable Chocolate Co

$10.99 incl GST /each

zeLi ! Sauerkraut

$9.99 incl GST /each

Sunset Farms – Free Range Big Bugger Eggs

$8.99 incl GST/ per carton

Whitestone Cheeses

Individually priced

Meat thermometers

$29.99 incl GST /each

Foundation Foods – Stocks

$9.99$14.99 incl GST/ each

Meat thermometer -Riida Remote Duel probe

$119.99 incl GST /each