NZ Grown Pork

Order direct from our range of 100% NZ grown and raised, free farmed gourmet pork cuts. Succulent, hand cut and prepared by our artisan butchery team, delivered straight to your door. True taste sensation.

Any size cut to order, just phone to discuss

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Pork loin (boned and rolled) 1.5 – 1.7 kg

$49.99 incl GST /each

Pork shoulder (boned and rolled) 1.5kg

$40.99 incl GST /each

Pork Loin Rack – 450g – 1.8 kg

$10.99$41.99 incl GST /each

Pork Fillet 300g

$7.99 incl GST / 300g

Pork belly (boneless) 1 – 1.1 kg

$26.99 incl GST /each

Pork Belly Slices – 500g

$12.99 incl GST / 500g

Pork spare ribs 1-1.2 kg

$25.99 incl GST /each

Pork Fillet Wrapped in Prosciutto 420g

$12.99 incl GST / each

Pork Loin Chops 250g each

$5.50 incl GST / 250g

Pork Medallion Steaks – 2 x 300g

$15.99 incl GST / 600g

Premium Pork Mince 500g

$10.50 incl GST / 500g

Well Hung Sausages – Pork

$10.99$11.99 incl GST

Pork – Ready Meals

$7.99$14.99 incl GST / each

Bacon – double-smoked manuka 250 or 500g

$7.25$14.50 incl GST

Rotisserie pork (1.5kg – 3.0kg)

$40.50$80.99 incl GST/ each

Rotisserie Pork Belly (1kg or 1.5kg)

$25.99$38.99 incl GST / each


$8.99$9.99 incl GST /each

Sunset Farms – Free Range Big Bugger Eggs

$8.99 incl GST/ per carton

“Don’t go Bacon my Heart ” Pork Bag

$114.99 incl GST /each

Well Hung Sausages – Boerewors (800g – 1kg)

$21.99 incl GST /each

Well Hung Droewors- 140g

$9.99 incl GST /each

Euro Dell

$10.99$17.99 incl GST /each