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Simple Steps to Cooking a Bone in Ribeye Steak

  • Always cook your steak at room temperature
  • Liberally cover both sides of the steak in fine sea salt (don’t be shy) and ground pepper
  • Baste both sides lightly with melted butter or olive oil (your call)
  • Place the steak on a hot BBQ grill for 4 minutes (turning once) – keep an eye on it
  • Baste each side with more melted butter during the grilling of the steak
  • Head inside and place your steak in the middle tray of your oven ‘on grill’ for 10 minutes (not too close to the grill element) – this step is to properly warm the bone through
  • Turn steak over every 2.5 minutes (baste with more melted butter) – keep an eye on it
  • Remove from oven and allow the steak to rest (stand) for 10 minutes – don’t cover
  • Slice the steak off the bone and cut sideways from the bone in thin slices (1 cm)
  • Sprinkle organic flaky sea slat across the steak slices and serve – yum!

The pleasure when eating dry aged meat is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.  The texture cannot be compared to an ‘ordinary piece of meat’.  So, no wonder dry aged beef is recognised by foodies as the ‘king of meats’ on the steak menu or your BBQ!