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Beef Fillet with Parsnip and Beetroot

A decadent twist on the traditional family dinner, the pairing of succulent grass-fed New Zealand beef with parsnip and beetroot is a real winner.

Prep: 1 hour 20 mins    Cook: 40 mins     Serves 7      Excellent source of iron


  • 3 Quality Mark long beef eye fillets
  • 5 small beetroot
  • 8 medium to large beetroot
  • 10 tins sliced beetroot
  • 1 packet gold leaf gelatin sheets
  • 10 parsnips
  • 750 g butter
  • 2 bottles cream
  • bottle red wine
  • bottle balsamic vinegar
  • packet castor sugar
  • packet black peppercorns
  • packet coriander seeds
  • packet brown mustard seeds
  • packet cumin seeds
  • packet cloves
  • packet fennel seeds
  • packet green cardamom pods
  • packet cinnamon sticks
  • maldon salt
  • 1 shallot
  • 1 head of garlic
  • microgreens
  • 1 packet freeze dried raspberry powder


Toast spices and grind in a spice grinder, adding salt and pepper to taste. Reserve half of the spice mix, and roll the eye fillets in the other half. Place in sous vide bags, adding a knob of butter per fillet. Seal bag and place into the sous vide at 54 degrees for 80 minutes.

Wrap each large unpeeled beetroot in foil with a sprinkle of olive oil and salt and pepper and roast in the oven for 50 minutes.

Peel and cut the parsnips and add to salted boiling water. Cook for 20 minutes until tender. Once cooked, blend with a stick blender, adding 50g butter, ¼ cup cream, and salt and pepper to taste. Pass through a sieve to form a smooth puree.

Add ¼ of the beetroot juice with one gelatin leaf and heat until gelatin dissolves. Add rest of juice and leave to cool. Add chilled mix into the gourmet whip and charge and shake when ready for foam.

Pull beetroot out of foil and peel when needed. Cut into cubes ready to serve.

Pull out beef and rub with the remaining spice mix. Sear each side of beef in a hot pan. Leave to rest for 20 minutes.

Peel ribbons of raw parsnip and add to hot oil to fry until crisp. Leave to dry on paper towel. Repeat for raw baby beetroot, salt immediately.