Bird & Barrow Chicken Kebabs (free range, antibiotic free) each

$6.99 incl GST / each

We use the skinless boneless, thigh portion of the chicken to create our Kebabs then add fresh green capsicum and coat with chicken rub.

(If you prefer plain, please leave a note on the checkout page)



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Chicken thighs consist of dark meat. Full of flavour, moist and textured. Versatile with a variety of ways to cook and enjoy. Bird & Barrow chickens are raised by a dedicated collective of independent farmers who care about the environment, their chickens, sustainability and good nutrition. The difference with Bird & Barrow chickens is that they are never given any antibiotics. Instead they keep their chickens healthy by ensuring that they live in a great free-range environment, with good quality feed and the best of care.

No added Hormones – Welfare Accredited – Proudly raised in Aotearoa New Zealand

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