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Lamb Fore Shank 350g each

$9.50 incl GST /each

Lamb shanks provide a flavour packed, melt in the mouth treat when slow cooked. Meat will literally fall off the bone.

Cooking Tip : Bring the shank to room temperature before cooking, then sear in a very hot pan until they are brown all over, which intensifies the flavour of the final dish. Then slow cook in the oven or slow cooker with your choice of vegetables, herbs and stock.

(approx 350g per shank)

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The shank is the cut of lamb taken from the lower section of the animal’s legs.  Lamb shanks have a thin layer of fat and are leaner than the sirloin part of a lamb. Being a full flavoured cut, it can take strong flavours such as curry based spices, fiery flavours of chilli, strong leafy herbs such as coriander and basil and a red wine jus.

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