Lamb Shoulder Chops – 2 chops 500g

$13.99 incl GST / 500g

Lamb Shoulder chops

These meaty chops absorb marinade well, becoming more tender through the process. Also great for the BBQ or cook under the grill

(Approx 500g for 2 chops)

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We are supplied with the highest quality grass-fed PRIME lambs from family farmers across New Zealand.  All our lamb has the Beef + Lamb Quality Mark.

The shoulder chops contain a higher level of fat and connective tissue, than the leg , which when cooked slowly, melts away producing a succulent and deliciously tender result. Typically, shoulder chops are thinner than other cuts of lamb, meaning when pan fried or barbecued, an equally delicious outcome can be reached. Searing at a high heat allows the exterior to develop a golden crust adding flavour, texture and visual appeal.

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