AngusPure Beef Osso Bucco 600g

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The beef is attached to the shin bone and can be stewed or braised to a soft tenderness.  Great for winter dishes, cook it low and slow in aromatic liquids and vegetables. (Approx 600 g)

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Osso Bucco is Italian for “bone with hole” and refers to the cut rather than a cooked dish. .

These bones enclose a delicious, rich marrow. The beef is  flavourful and tender when braised.

The cut of beef is actually around an inch and a half thick portion from the shank. This area of the animal, the hind shank, produces a ring of meat from the shin that is the most tender and sweetest on the entire animal.  It has a succulent, rich marrow in its centre. During the cooking process, this bone marrow melts into the sauce, producing a bone with a hole in the centre, hence the name, Osso Bucco. As the shanks tend to fall apart during cooking, it’s essential to leave the skin on the meat, although the cream consistency does add a delectable addition to the flavour of the final, cooked dish.

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