Bird & Barrow Chicken Lollipops (free range, antibiotic free) 6 pieces

$10.99 incl GST / 500g

Chicken lollipops, the main drumstick is trimmed – an easy dinner solution, cook plain, add a rub or casserole in the oven.

4 Lollipops – approx 450-500g



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Chicken drumsticks are full of flavour, moist and textured. Versatile with a variety of ways to cook and enjoy. Bird & Barrow chickens are raised by a dedicated collective of independent farmers who care about the environment, their chickens, sustainability and good nutrition. The difference with Bird & Barrow chickens is that they are never given any antibiotics. Instead they keep their chickens healthy by ensuring that they live in a great free-range environment, with good quality feed and the best of care.

No added Hormones – Welfare Accredited – Proudly raised in Aotearoa New Zealand

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