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Every L’Authentique product squeezes generations of French charcuterie tradition into each product. Hand-crafting quality cuts of free-range & free-farmed NZ meat. Prime cuts of free farmed NZ meat. NO trim meat, flour or filler, added chemicals or nitrates or Artificial flavours and no added preservatives. GLUTEN FREE

PARFAITS are made with free range NZ liver. A parfait is finer than pâté. A pâté in France is a little bit closer to a terrine – denser. The parfait nearer a mousse – hence the word parfait.

TERRINES are one of the basics of the charcuterie, they are used widely in gourmet sandwiches or as light supper dish. As a canapé, it’s served on baguette, with gherkins or some onion jam. It’s like a traditional more-delicate French meat loaf. The name comes from the dish it is cooked in.

PATES Always made with liver – one of the best sources of vitamin A, and are generally served on toasted bread, a French crusty baguette or crackers, with a glass of wine.

RILLETTES is made from meat (not liver) that is more coarsely chopped or shredded, seasoned with salt and pepper and preserved slowly, to make a thick spread for sandwiches, or a stuffing for pasta. The savoury quality of rillettes comes from using quality cuts and a generous quantity of salt.

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Chicken & Duck Parfait, Duck Liver Parfait, Truffle & Mushroom Parfait, Duck & Green Peppercorn Terrine, Chicken & Pistachio Terrine, Pork Rillettes, Duck Rillettes, Chicken Liver Parfait, Chicken & Sage Pate, Cracked Pepper Pate, Black Pudding – Boudin Noir/Morcilla

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